Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 8: Unfinished Projects and Week 9: Organize Your Patterns

Week 8: 

This weeks challenge is to go through any unfinished projects you've had sitting around and either work it or frog it.

Boy, oh boy, was this a challenge for me! I really wanted to take my time on this one and do it right. This is the second major project purge that I've done, and I'm really proud that I didn't have as many UFO's (unfinished objects/projects) as I did the first time. So, the good news is that I'm getting better about finishing my projects. No, really it's true ;)

Here's the list of what I'm keeping and working on finishing:
A baby blanket - FINISHED 5/3/14. It was near completion, but stuffed in a closet, which is not a typical place! So it's no wonder I had forgotten about it.

Another baby blanket for charity. This one is my Bright Striped Blocks pattern. The blocks are completed, one needs the ends woven in, and then it'll be ready for assembling.

A tire cover for my Jeep. Yep, you read that right. It's almost finished, just needs the final few rounds.

Folk art doll. She needs some ends woven in on her apron, and some hair, then she'll be complete.

A sweater for me. This one I had completed, but I needed some seaming examples for my book Crochet-opedia, so I undid some of the seams and took photos. It's been sitting unfinished since then.

I'm still working on my scrap afghan too. I'm so happy with it, but I think I'm enjoying the crocheting part the most :)

Oh yeah, and I'm working on a new design too. A scrunchy hat and cowl. The pattern and samples are almost done. I've got to proof the pattern and take pictures then make the pdf file.

I decided to frog a motif runner. The runner is made up of triangles that are sewn together to form a quilt like pattern. I probably had 25 finished, but this project had survived the first purge, and hadn't been touched since. Too much work, and I'm not even sure what I would have done with it. It was a really cool pattern though!

As you can tell from my UFO's, it seems that I lose steam near the completion of a project. I wonder why that is? I should really attempt to reward myself somehow when I've completed a project. Or maybe I need to tell myself I can't start another until I've finished one. Hmm, it's definitely something to think about. Overall though, I have to say that I feel so much better now that I've finished this challenge. It's great that now my yarns, patterns, and projects are all neat and organized. It's been inspiring and I feel like I will accomplish so much more!


Week 9: 

Organize your patterns this week. Do you have a special system for your patterns? Can you find a specific pattern easily?

I find that I am starting to rely much more on the computer for organizing my patterns. I used to print out or make copies of patterns for my personal use, and store them in a file cabinet. I had two drawers full at one point. This would have been okay, if I had used them more than I did. I finally realized that it was a waste of space, not to mention paper, so I have since recycled them. These are only the patterns that I had not made. The ones I had made projects from, I kept the copies because I typically make notes on them as I go along. If I ever want to make the same pattern again, it makes it much easier because of my notes. I also like to write down the start and finish dates. It's sort of like a scrapbook for me too, and it's fun to look back at the patterns. When I've finished the project I put the pattern in a clear plastic sheet protector and file it in a large 3 ring binder that I have that is organized into sections.

I have considered scanning these patterns and keeping them as computer files only (and of course, they are only for my own personal use). It would be a pretty big project to do so right now, but maybe I will try doing that with my future projects. Right now I keep separate file folders on my computer; works in progress, things I'd like to make, charity patterns, etc. I try not to add too many files. If I'm looking for a new project I'll check out what I have saved on my computer and if nothing catches my eye then I will check out my Pinterest boards or other crochet pins for inspiration. From there I can easily keep track of pattern links with Evernote. I'll make a new note for a particular project, like an afghan, then when I am searching the web it's easy to add links, photos, and even a pdf file if one is available. Once I've decided on one particular project, then it's simple to delete my note. Easy peasy.

Thanks for joining me for Week 8 and 9 of the 52 Week Crochet Challenge! 
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  1. Good luck with your WIPs and UFOs :-) I have the same problem with running out of steam close to the end.
    I'm really enjoying the challenge so far. Thanks :-)