Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 10: What Was Your First Completed Crochet Project That You Made?

The first complete crochet project that I finished was a baby blanket and a stuffed bear to go with it in. This was in June of 2002. This was also the beginning of my pattern organization (which you can read about here).

I have absolutely no idea where the blanket pattern came from, but it is a basic rectangular blanket. I think the stitch pattern is probably something like the cobblestone stitch (sc in next, dc in next, working on an even number of stitches). It has that look to it also. The bottom chain is much tighter than the last row, which is common for newbies and this made the blanket crooked. But I was (and still am) terribly proud of that blanket. It was a gift for my newborn niece and I made it with my own two hands. I loved every minute of making it (maybe with an ounce of frustration in there somewhere!), but I FINISHED it. I had a big sense of accomplishment, which made me want to make something to go with it.

The bear is an even bigger accomplishment for me because I think it was quite complicated for a second project. The pattern is Boo-Boo Bear from Irene's Crochet Class website, which sadly, is no longer available. But, I have my copy that I printed out and made notes on.  I think it turned out really cute, and I made a bib for the bear too.

Here's a picture that I had to scan because the original was photographed on film (remember that? lol).

I've crocheted hundreds of projects since then, but I won't ever forget my first (and second). Not only was it special to me because of that, but it was a gift for a loved one, a new life in our family, and what a happy celebration that was!

Thanks for joining me for Week 10 of the 52 Week Crochet Challenge! 
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