Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week of 3/11/2015 - Happy Birthday!

This week it's all about birthdays for our weekly challenge:
It’s probably been ten years at least since I received this gift from my friend Christine. It is not a crochet item, but it helps me to crochet every day. She gave me the gift of an Ott-Lite. I didn’t realize how useful and helpful it was until I started using it. I have it next to my chair in my craft room, and I literally do use it every day. I see truer colors in my yarns and of course it helps to see clearly and I'm not straining my eyes to read. It is a floor stand model, and I like it so much that I bought a few table top versions to place elsewhere in the house.

What was your favorite crochet related gift you received and/or gave to someone else?

Fun and Cupcakes! Enjoy!

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