Friday, June 18, 2010

Special Olympics Michigan Charity Scarf Project

I was spending some time in the forums the other night and someone had posted information about this Michigan Special Olympics Charity Scarf Project.

I had donated scarves to 2009 World Games and the response was overwhelming and the organizers had extra scarves to share with the local community of Boise. So, I really like the idea of helping out in my home state and will be making scarves to donate. I will encourage my fellow crocheter/knitter friends to do so too, it's an easy and fun way to contribute!

Here is some more information about this project:

Scarf Project for Special Olympics Michigan Winter Games

Scarf Project Deadline January 15, 2011
Goal: 2500 scarves

Yarn: Coats and Clark Red Heart Soft Yarn #9518 Teal & #9925 Really Red or Red Heart Super Saver #0656 Real Teal & 0319 Cherry Red. These are the official colors of the Special Olympics Michigan.

The requirements for the scarves are that they are hand knit or crocheted using a combination of the above two colors. Sizes for the scarves are 6 inches wide and 50 to 60 inches in length but you can use any pattern that you would like.

Please send or deliver completed scarves to:

Special Olympics Michigan
3800 Hamlin Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326 or

Thank you to cstewart who had posted the original thread I found on Ravelry. If you belong to Ravelry you can find the link here:
and if you're not on Ravelry - why not? It's free to join, full of information, and a really great community of wonderful fiber enthusiasts!

Click for more info and to see my finished scarves: