Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 6: Spring Cleaning - Organizing Your Yarn Stash

Wow, I've had a bad case of spring fever this week. Unfortunately I've mostly been tied to my desk trying to get paperwork caught up and I haven't been able to get outside as much as I like. But I really did enjoy this week's challenge as I went through and organized my yarns. I happened to be in the right place at the right time one day at my local thrift shop. They had a whole bunch of plastic crates for $1.00 each. Right then I envisioned a wall of yarn in my craft room and snatched up a bunch of them.

Here is where I keep my skeins of acrylic yarns organized by color. Once the skeins start getting too floppy then I wind them into yarn cakes. (I just love that - yarn cakes! Who doesn't love yarn - and cake?!)

I also have clear plastic lidded tubs that stack neatly and this is where I separately keep my cotton yarns, novelty yarns and my acrylics that I've wound into yarn cakes. I keep my wools in a storage cabinet, also organized by color, and in clear plastic bags so I can easily see my color choices.

So what have I learned this week? I have A LOT of yarn. But the good news is that I do use it up. I've already organized a few charity projects that I would like to do, and I have separated out the yarns that I will never use (after FINALLY admitting this myself). I am setting those aside for now, because I may organize a yarn swap with my crochet group in the fall. Some I will be donating.

This was a challenging week overall, but now I feel yarnie good and organized :)

Thanks for joining me for Week 6 of the 52 Week Crochet Challenge! 
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  1. I love your wall of yarn! Such a great idea!

  2. Oh how happy! What a good deal finding the crates on sale when you needed them! One of these days I will have a craft room. I will. Yes, I will. LOL