Saturday, July 19, 2008

Etsyversary! RedBerryCrochet

Today is my Etsyversary! Two years ago I signed up on Etsy to become a seller. With my crochet hook in one hand and high hopes in the other I set about adding some items to my shop. If you list it they will come - right? So wrong! I was busy with another selling site at the time and didn’t devote much to my new shop. And it showed. From July through December of 2006 I had 3 sales.

Fortunately, I decided to get serious about Etsy around March of 2007 (I’m a slow learner) and sales picked up. My highest month so far has been December of 2007 with 24 sales. While I certainly don’t break any Etsy records, I am happy with my sales record and I can only hope that my monthly sales averages increase.

There are always tons of thread posts on Etsy for newbie shop owners and they offer sound selling advice, so I won’t repeat those words of wisdom here (except to list/relist regularly). But what I can tell you is to think positive, relax, create what you love, and to love what you make. There’s someone out there in cyberland who will love it too!

‘Nough said, time to celebrate with some cake :)

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