Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crocheting with Twine - Mini Baskets, New Items and Patterns

I like to experiment crocheting with new materials and my latest is 100% natural jute twine. Twine is fun to work with and, of course, much different than working with yarn. It’s very rough on the hands and I noticed that my hands got tired much faster too. But I think it was well worth the effort.

I made a small round basket several years ago and managed to find my pattern that I had created then. It’s amazing to look back at something you created and know that you can make it much better! So, that’s what I did. Instead of using the old pattern I created a completely new one. Plus I also made two other basket shapes, a square and an oval. I like to challenge myself with different shapes and sizes. I think the three baskets work well as a trio.

The round basket, I discovered, also makes a great can cozy and it will also hold a drinking glass. I can imagine using these for an informal party, perhaps a barbecue? Change out the ribbon and they would also be fun for a tiki bar!

Of course, they will also add a nice decorative touch to any room and will hold your small trinkets and treasures.
I have listed a set of these available for purchase in my shop:
Mini Twine Basket Trio

and for those of you who like to crochet, I also have the pattern for sale. You get all three patterns for one great price! Purchase here for an instant download.

It’s fun to experiment with new materials and there are so many to choose from! Aside from all the new novelty yarns that are available, I’d like to try using recycled materials. Fabric, plastic bags, yarn from recycled sweaters, the possibilities are endless! I think that’s what I love most about crochet, there is always something new to try and even old techniques tend to get recycled.


  1. Julie, I love your Mini Baskets. What a great idea...and for sure something different than using yarn. Wishing you lots of sales on this new item and pattern in your Etsy shop

  2. Thank you so much Nora, I appreciate your kind comments :)
    It looks like you've been very busy with new items in your shop - looks great! I always love to see what originals you'll come up with.

  3. Love that Jute crochet, Julie. I must have Christmas on my brain because I'm already speculating... baskets filled with goodies ;-)

    Nice job!

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  5. .... in case you were wondering, I'm Doris from Honey Bee Crochet (SturmDM)

  6. I should email my friend about your post.

  7. Bravo, remarkable idea