Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Glorious Spring Has Sprung!

Finally the weather has turned springlike and it's been a gorgeous week! I've been spending as much time as possible outside and took some pics of the pretty daffodils growing behind our house. It gave me a chance to fiddle around with my new tripod. It didn't get very good reviews, but for what little time I've used it so far it has worked very well for me. I love the flexibility that allows me to get perspectives that wouldn't have been possible with my other tripod.

I've taken a few rides on my bike, but sadly the tire was completely flat last night when I wanted to take a spin. I'll have to get it fixed as soon as I can to take advantage of this perfect bike riding weather! I've found a few terrifically cute crochet patterns to spruce up my bike in the mean time.

Bike Seat Cover Crochet Pattern

Bike Streamers Crochet Pattern

Happy crocheting - see you around the bend!

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