Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Piece of Cake - A Self Imposed Deadline

Piece of Cake Potholder
Back on a November 2 blog post I challenged myself to a deadline of December 8th (today, he, he) to create a new design. I decided then that I wanted to make a new potholder, and at not quite the 11th hour, I've finished it :)

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I love that it is reversible and looks great on both sides. I will be sending out the pattern to be tested and I am working on getting a pdf file together.

Self imposed deadlines are a really great idea for me, and I was really inspired!

Stay tuned for the pattern listing announcement, and also a new challenge (self imposed of course!) Now I want to eat some cake - nom, nom, nom . . .


  1. Hello Julie! Just got back online after being gone for about two months and wanted to say hello to you and see what you have been doing. Not much blogging, I see, so that means you must be meeting your self imposed deadlines?

    I've got a lot crocheted while I was not computing. I posted pictures of my 10 doll dresses on my blog and have been making other little odds and ends. It's amazing how much one can get done when the computer is down, right?

    Miss you,

  2. last few days our class held a similar discussion on this topic and you point out something we have not covered yet, thanks.

    - Laura