Monday, November 2, 2009

Creative Challenges: Self Imposed Deadlines

So, my EtsyHookers team Creative Challenge ended today and it got me to thinking that maybe I should have my own personal creative challenges to keep me inspired. I don't enter the team Challenges because I host and set up the voting polls and blog, so maybe it's time to set some deadlines for myself. I do like to enter contests, especially crochet inspired ones, and both of my published patterns were the result of entering contests! Hmm, I think this could be a great idea for me :)

I am in the process of finishing up a new pattern that hopefully will be listed by next week, and I think for my next pattern I would like to design another potholder. The two that I have already completed, my fried egg and jam/jelly jar's, were obviously food inspired. I think I'll stick with that theme.

Okay, so my personal challenge theme is a food inspired potholder, and I'll set the deadline for December 8th. Now that it's "official" and written on my calendar, there are no excuses!


  1. Well done on the deadline!
    Looking forward to seeing the pot holder :-)

  2. Thank you :) I've already come up with some sketches and ideas and I look forward to working something up. I think this is a great idea for me - I'm already inspired!