Thursday, August 6, 2009 - My New Website, Etsy Linked!

Several weeks ago I stumbled across an Etsy article in the Storque about developers who have created applications specifically for Etsy users. Here I found Soopsee, and I'm so glad I did! I am able to have a home website,, that not only features my shop listings, but also can connect browsers with all the other places that I am on the net in my Stockists section.

It is easy to maintain, and has several themes to choose from. With a click of the button I can update my shop listings, and also click on individual items that will automatically post on my Twitter page. I can also set it to automatically feed new items to Twitter. Plus, I can also view my stats, including number of shop hearts, blog posts, Twitter updates, and sales. And Soopsee now allows Google Analytics. I also upgraded to a Sooper Account which offers even more options.

This was a quick and easy option instead of setting up a website completely on my own, which I don't know if I would ever get aroung to. Soopsee is new and still in closed beta, which means that you need a code to sign up without having to wait for the site to open up. If you are interested in signing up for Soopsee right away, before you do convo me at my RedBerryCrochet shop. I have the code available for the first 5 people that respond.

Try Soopsee, it's free, and best of all you won't be disappointed!

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