Monday, June 23, 2008

Crochet Hooks - Celebrating Etsy Style!

I came home this weekend to find that I had sold my 200th item. So, to celebrate I decided to do some online shopping at my favorite place ( of course!). Here’s what I purchased, this lovely polymer clay handled crochet hook from thefancifulfeline.

I purchased a size G hook several years ago from this seller, and I am still awed by its beauty every time I pick it up. The photos do not show all the intricate details and variations in layers and colors. If you’ve ever seen how long it takes to make 1 design in polymer clay, you can only appreciate the literally hundreds? of hours that goes into one handle. Needless to say, I can’t wait until my new size J hook arrives.

Typically I use wood crochet hooks for my everyday crocheting. I find them much more comfortable to work with and the wood warms to my hands, whereas aluminum hooks are always cold and my hands would literally hurt from using them.
My husband bought me a complete set of Brittany birch hooks and I adore them. I also have a set of rosewood hooks that I use often. My hooks have 2 different styles of ends on them, and depending on what I’m making I’ll choose one or the other.
For my hair scarves I always use the Brittany because I can get really consistent chains with them. For my pet blankets I use a rosewood hook. I crochet with 2 yarn strands and the rosewood hooks hold the yarns much better with no slippage.

Here are some gorgeous handmade wood hooks that I found on Etsy:

Lilac Lavender Wood Hook by rparishwoodworks

Exotic Wooden Brazilian Cherry Crochet Hook by fancykitty

And I just had to share this delightful hook I found from another online vendor Craft Designs for You

Now it’s time to put my lovely crochet hooks to some use, and thanks for stopping in!


  1. Those are some beautiful hooks! I have looked at the wooden ones and hope to someday own a few but till then I use the hooks my Grandma used to makes me think of her and gives me a warm feeling, like she is watching me crochet.
    Can't ait to see your project!

  2. I love hooks also. I used to have a set of Brittany hooks but the fancy tops hit my hand somehow when I was crocheting, so I gave them to a good friend who also crochets.

    I am tagging you; please check out this post to see what I mean:

  3. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts

  4. I've replaced all my knitting needles with wood. Now I'm in the process of replacing my crochet hooks. Just google Etsy wooden crochet hooks. You'll be surprised at the number of crafters that are producing the most magnificient needles you've ever seen.